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About Us

Stainless Steel: A Revolution in Clean, Eco-Friendly Living

Our high-grade, stainless steel faucets are the difference between clean, safe water and a contaminated supply. With its durable, eco-friendly and elegant form, the Lumen Farbe Faucet is poised to revolutionize the standard of living for homeowners across the country – through stylish, yet affordable, lead-free and non-corrosive fixtures produced with minimal impact to the environment.


About the Founder

Driven by a passion for healthy, environmentally-friendly living and backed by an extensive background in engineering and business development – Lumen Faucet Company Founder Wolfe Van enters the kitchen faucet industry with a fresh take on clean, innovative living. Perhaps the most surprising part of Van’s story is that he did not seek to find this product – rather, the product found him.


Van purchased the rights to sell the designer, health-conscious faucets in North America and established the Lumen Faucet Company, LLC in 2017. His ultimate goal is to not only build a long-lasting name that consumers can trust, but to also help them embrace the company motto – “Live Vibrantly” – in the comfort of their own homes.


Brass vs. 100% Stainless Steel

Brass fixtures can oxidize and become “pitted” over time, allowing pathogens to grow and contaminate your water. Lumen® faucets are made from 100% surgical-grade, hygienic stainless steel, keeping your personal water supply clean and safe to drink.